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The Office s05e02

A place to squee about TV


The Office s05e02

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Butterfly Painting
  • I liked this episode a lot more than I liked last weeks...it just goes to show that half hour episodes are better. I thought the Jim/Dwight thing was really good.

    The Holly-Michael thing was sort of whatever...I wasn't that into it. I thought Meredith sleeping with the supplier was kind of funny, but not that it became a whole part of the show.

  • HELLO.

    Um, i am late. But all I really have to say is...


    :DDDDDDD Meredith rocks.

    I agree with Caitlin, the Jim/Dwight bits were the best. And I loved the BSG shout-out, and haha I would've been exactly like Dwight, soooo tempted to be all YOU GUYS ARE MISINTERPRETING MY BEAUTIFUL SHOW >:-C

    Oh and the gag at the beginning with Jim announcing the engagement and no one giving a shit and then Michael tackling Jim was A+.
  • This is Betsy and Andy!!!!!

    We watched the episode on Friday night. We just went to the Ducks game (not too good, but a win).

    We agree that this episode was better than the season premiere. The beginning was awesome too.

    We both liked the "getting ethical (physical)" and the other Michael/Holly stuff. We're big fans of "Micly."

    More Pam though, I hope she's not gone.

    However, I (Andy) don't like how the Angela/Dwight stuff is turning out. Andy (in the show) does not deserve what he is getting. They should just be honest with themselves and get it over with.
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