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The Office

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What did people think?
  • I'll start.

    I think this was a pretty bad episode. It wasn't a train-wreck like the dinner party episode last season, but it was just stupid.

    First of all, if Pam had finished her art class and wasn't tied to a job, why would she not move back to Scranton? If she wants to stay in New York, then why doesn't Jim move up to New York with her? They are ENGAGED for fuck sake!!!! They should be together. What, are they going to get married and live in two different cities?

    I also thought that Pam staying out till 8 am drinking was not her. Frankly I think the writers are completely messing up Jim and Pam. The phone message thing at the end of the episode before this last one was really really bad. I did not buy into that at all. It's been done. Also, it seems like Pam Beasley is becoming more Jenna Fisher since the writers don't know what to do. They're just filling time anymore. Pam's whole role is that anymore. They know they have to do something with Pam each episode, but it's been nothing but crap so far this season.

    I just watched the episode and emotions are high right now so I apologize for the rant-like moments, but this has been such a horrible season so far. I'll watch till the end of it for a study break at the very least, but if the show goes to a sixth season, I will probably not watch it.

    The other thing is that there hasn't been a really funny episode yet. Again, I think the writers are out of ideas. I also think they have ruined Dwight and Angela. I hate Dwight now. You don't relish in cheating with someone, Dwight. After he talked about cuckolding Andy, my estimation of Dwight plummeted. I find Dwight and Angela despicable.

    Finally, Michael and Holly are just mediocre. I'm glad they're together, but I expected a lot more out of them after the season finale last year.

    All of this said, I still want to hear what everybody else thinks. Pleas, disagree with me.
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