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A place to squee about TV

House 5.04!!!!

A place to squee about TV


House 5.04!!!!

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Comments for the gayest ever besides that one last season that was kinda gay latest episode of House?
  • I'm going to comment to my own post rather than cut for my thoughts so it looks like there's more comments. Haha. I'm cool.

    Anyway. I LOVED the usage of Chase and Cameron in this episode. While I don't hate the new team like a lot of people do (probably because I watched season 4 before the rest of the seasons and therefore didn't get as attached to the old team as lots of people), I do miss the old team. I thought that they were used effectively in this episode. And it's always adorable to see the two teams working together.

    I so called Cuddy drugging House. My roommate didn't believe me. About that scene though. When Cuddy's like, "drop your pants" and House is like, "I used to pay TENS of dollars to hear that phrase." I lol-ed.

    The Road Trip of Epicness was pretty epic. I thought that the whole funeral stuff/House getting there via Wilson was pretty cool. My roommate was totally appalled when House knocked Wilson's keys away and then got even more appalled when House pushed the gas.

    I thought their backstory was kind of adorable. And I thought the whole throwing-a-bottle-shattering-the-mirror as how they meet connected to throwing-a-bottle-shattering-the-window as how they make up was a tad cheesy but still adorable as well.

    Aaand finally, despite EVERYTHING else going on in this episode, I liked the Patient of the Week story as well. It was interesting enough to keep me, well, interested, but basic enough to keep up with the other stuff going on.

    So I said a lot. But I also really like this show. So yeah.

    Also, this show + continuity = really good.
    • I totally forgot last night until I was at the gym and it was on the screen there!! I didn't watch it though...Colbert instead, but I'll try to catch up tonight, even though I've already read your comments. Clearly I'm a spoiler whore.
      • That's okay. I spoiled myself before I watched it too. By reading the discussion post in the House community. Basically I'm a huge spoiler whore for any and every show that I watch. It was still really good!!! :D :D
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