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This is a place where The Mob can post their thoughts on their favorite TV shows that they have in common so as not to get confused with all the comments floating around between each of their personal journals.

We are obsessed with TV

1.) Be nice. Not that I really should have to tell you that.
2.) Um, try to make sure that we actually know you. As in...be a part of The Mob, not just some stranger walking down the street.
3.) Also, anyone in the community can post anything relating to the TV shows that we have in common, but don't make a bunch of weekly squee posts (posts in which people comment with their reactions, discussions, questions, etc). There's only one weekly squee post, which anyone can post...just make sure there's not like a million of them.
4.) That's all.

The Office
Pushing Daisies
Masterpiece Theatre/Mystery!

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